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Allen County Career and Technical Center

The Allen County Career and Technical Center was first occupied in fall of 2014. This new 48,700 sf facility provides the latest in Career and Technical training spaces and equipment including drafting and design labs with an industrial 3D printer, business labs, nursing science labs with hospital beds, welding labs, auto mechanics labs, and building technology labs. The use of innovative natural daylighting and LED technologies combined with solar water heating integrated into the skylight system provide an educational tool in addition to energy efficiency. The building envelope includes both Insulated Concrete Forms and super-insulated masonry cavity wall construction. This envelope combined with the geothermal heating and cooling, the LED lighting system, and energy control systems allows the building to perform at 56.7% higher efficiency than a baseline model for Energy Code Compliance. This reduces the Owner's operating cost in addition to their carbon footprint.

Allen County Schools are located on one 156 acre campus in Scottsville, KY. Facilities on this site include the Allen County Primary Center, Allen County Intermediate School, Allen County Middle School, Allen County High School, Allen County Career and Technical Center, ACHS Fitness Facility, and the Allen County Board of Education. These facilities are all served by geothermal heating and cooling. By using geothermal systems throughout the school system the owner has lowered energy costs and reduced their carbon footprint.