314 Wilkinson St., Frankfort,  KY  40601  (502)875-2290

Wood Creek Water District Regional Water Treatment Plant

Wood Creek Water District (WCWD) was formed in 1967 to provide drinking water to 600 customers in

northeastern Laurel County. Today, WCWD produces and distributes water to more than 16,000 households in a

five county area. The 9.2 MGD Regional Water Treatment Plant is the cornerstone for producing safe, clean

drinking water for Wood Creek's current and future customers.

The Regional Water Treatment Plant is a modern facility utilizing Super-Pulsator Upflow Clarifiers, Greenleaf

Filters, and multi-barrier disinfecction. To develop the multi-barrier system, ultraviolet radiation and sodium

hypochlorite are used for the primary and secondary disinfectants, respectively. The multi-barrier approach

provides an additional level of treatment meeting the requirements of the LT2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment


Other key project elements were:

    demolishing and reconstructing the building over the existing clarifiers and filters

    replacing the brick fascia and roof on the remaining process buildings

    additional clarifiers and filters

    new chemical feed facilities

    sludge press building

    low and high service pumps

    and backwash lagoons