314 Wilkinson St., Frankfort,  KY  40601  (502)875-2290

Southern Apartments Daycare

The Housing Authority of Frankfort’s development of this project was both pioneering and a watershed. Mike

Fields, the Director of the Housing Authority (now retired) pursued a goal of providing affordable childcare for low-

income families to facilitate their efforts to work and obtain training and job skills. Funded by local funds and

federal grants, the facility pioneered a concept uncommon for Public Housing Authorities. The Housing Board’s

willingness to tackle persistent issues and obstacles for low-income families was a definitive effort to take the lead

in developing local opportunities.

The 5,000 s.f. space was developed to serve 80-100 children, ranging in age from crib to five years. Major

challenges included circulation and play areas, day lighting, storm drainage, and developing food service

capabilities. One of the most eye-catching parts of the facility was the entry garden, placing plantings and a

fountain in an existing utility area to create a very urban courtyard as an entry space with class and having a

calming effect on both children and parents.