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Simons Middle School

Simons Middle School in Fleming County originally constructed by the Works Progress Administration served the

community as their High School from the 1930's- 1970's then was converted to the Middle School. This

renovation provided a challenge for the contractors. They had to replace the HVAC system, lighting and ceilings

inside the occupied historic WPA period structure, while adding sprinklers, replacing windows, and replacing and

repairing the wood trim. They also reroofed the facility, replaced classroom floors and renovated the exterior

stairs. The new HVAC system included the addition of ducted fresh air with large units on new steel structured

platforms in the Historic attic. The attic was abated of bat guano and spray foam insulation was added throughout

the space to provide a thermal barrier and fill small voids that were allowing the bat population to enter the space.

The schedule was tough, but the results are impressive. Though work began on Spring Break, the majority of the

work had to occur in classrooms over summer Break. The school was occupied on time in the fall.