314 Wilkinson St., Frankfort,  KY  40601  (502)875-2290

Collins Lane Elementry School

Collins Lane Elementary School addition and renovation program was developed with a committee of SBDM,

administrators, and teachers, who maintained involvement in construction. The teachers and students developed

and studies lessons related to construction, earth, rocks, etc., as a means of involvement and to help deal with

the disruption and inconvenience of renovation to an occupied building. The Contractor and Architect discussed

the work periodically with students and teachers for questions and involvement.

The work included new P.E., media, and music spaces, and renovation of existing area to gain art, computer lab,

multipurpose area with stage, resource, and teacher work areas. The media center is designed to accommodate

class work simultaneous to story time and serves over 500 students daily. Also the design was developed to

control site circulation by separating parent and bus traffic. The contract bid was 10% below budget, and the work

met the schedule for occupancy.