314 Wilkinson St., Frankfort,  KY  40601  (502)875-2290

Anderson County Middle School

The program for the a Anderson County Middle was developed using a full-blown Ed Spec process, over several

months. (Dr. Ken Brooks assisted in organizing the group, and Gary Scott worked with them to develop the


The primary facility criteria included space for 850 students in the 6


, 7


, and 8


 grades, with each grade set into

family groups. Each grade was housed in separate wings, with shared spaces related to circulation routes used

by specific grades (i.e., 7-8 grade art is related only to those grades, while media, administration, and PE spaces

were in central, shared locations). The Owner maintained a strong commitment to community access, and we

programmed a multipurpose space for additional P.E. and community functions. (The community had no public

auditorium.) Strong emphasis was placed on site circulation, relative to bus/car traffic, and to the overall district

transportation scheme regarding traffic flow between nearby schools. Construction bids for the 120,000 s.f. facility

were $8.1 million, while budget anticipated $8.2 million.