314 Wilkinson St., Frankfort,  KY  40601  (502)875-2290

Allen County Intermediate Center

Construction of this facility began in April 2003 with very successful design on schedule and construction bids

approximately 10% under estimate at $9.2 million, including geothermal HVAC. The 85,000 s.f. facility serves 750

students in grades 4, 5, and 6. This facility was occupied in March 2005.

The program specified self-contained areas for each grade, including teacher work rooms and conference rooms

in each grade area, with shared public areas, as well as separate car and bus loading connected to existing

campus system. It also indicated a strong desire for plentiful natural light, minimal space lost to circulation, and

good visibility all areas for security and student behavior.

The Owner also committed $1 million in 2004 to maximum employment of new teaching technologies, resulting in

each classroom having a digital board with interactive hardware and software for each student. Typical classroom

TV’s are replaced by digital projectors which access not only KET, but internal system servers where teachers

store individual learning data and lesson activities. The Kentucky Department of Education has used this facility

and its technology as a "cutting edge" model for future classroom technology development.

Allen County Schools are located on one 156 acre campus in Scottsville, KY. Facilities on this site include the

Allen County Primary Center, Allen County Intermediate School, Allen County Middle School, Allen County High

School, Allen County Career and Technical Center, ACHS Fitness Facility, and the Allen County Board of

Education. These facilities are all served by geothermal heating and cooling. By using geothermal systems

throughout the school system the owner has lowered energy costs and reduced their carbon footprint.